God Gives More Grace (released in June 2019) is published by Regular Baptist Press (Click Here to Order Your Copy Today) . This impacting and life-changing book is an expanded study on James 4:5-10 focusing on the transforming power of God’s grace. The pages are filled with simple, clear explanations of Scripture with unforgettable illustrations and stories that help solidify the truths brought out from God’s Word. This book will illuminate your path to experience God’s grace as never before.


“If you are an avid reader, there are times that a book becomes your friend. You look forward to getting together to be encouraged and strengthened and plan on reading it a second time. This is such a book.” – Rand Hummel (Director, The Wilds of New England)

“Tim Valiante provides a scholarly yet personal explanation and application to this vital part of the Christian walk—grace.” – Marty Herron, (Executive Vice President, Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary)

“This book is one of those ‘coffee shop’ friends that warms your heart and encourages your faith. Each chapter invited me into the presence of God, where relationships are personal and grace reigns.” – J. Mark Kittrell (President, Pacific Rim Missions International)

“[Tim’s] exceptionally valuable contribution to studying grace comes through his presentation style. Using first person, he spoke directly to me as if we were having a discussion over coffee. He guides the reader to growth in grace through plenty of personal examples, pastoral illustrations, and discussion questions… He will help you not only to understand grace, but to live it in every circumstance.” – Jim Lytle (President, Clarks Summit University)

“Dr. Valiante’s comfortable way of unpacking deep spiritual truths with down-home illustration makes this book palatable to both scholar and layman.” – Tobe Witmer (Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Newark, DE)

“Tim Valiante addresses the important subject of God’s sustaining grace for followers of Christ in a theologically responsible way. This study further demonstrates that God provides everything necessary for believers to ‘will and to work for his good pleasure.'” – Brent Belford (Senior Pastor, Colonial Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, VA).

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